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Renix ICU/Coil Contact Refreshing

on Sat Apr 07, 2018 5:55 pm
Renix ICU/Coil Contact Refreshing

The contacts between the coil and the ICU on your Renix Jeep can become corroded and loose causing a complete or intermittent no-start condition. I recommend the following procedure as a maintenance precaution to insure this is eliminated as a possible cause now and in the future.

The coil is attached to the ICU by two T20 Torx bolts. Remove these two bolts and lift the coil up off the ICU. You will see 2 pins and 2 sets of contacts. Clean both the pins and springy contact pieces with a good electronics cleaner and some fine sandpaper.

Squeeze the springy contacts closer together with some needlenose pliers. Apply some OxGard to the contacts. Bolt the coil back on to the ICU.

While you’re right there, unplug the connectors from the ICU and inspect the pins in the harness connector. Make sure the pins are not retracted into the connector. Spray out the connector and the receptacle of the ICU with the same good electronics cleaner you used earlier.
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