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Disc brake conversion

on Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:13 pm
Disc brake conversion

Rear disc brakes to convert your Jeeps drums to disc's on a Dana 35 (will fit the c clip & non c clip model) 44, & Chrysler 8.25.

swap any rear discs from a 1994-1998 GRAND Cherokee with little modification.

Parts needed:
94-98 GRAND Cherokee Rear Disc Brakes and proportioning valve
Diff Fluid
Brake Fluid
RTV Sealant
Dremel with grinding stone

Step 1:Acquire all the parts needed from a Grand Cherokee, years 1994-1998. Calipers, Backing Plate, Soft lines, all the hardware.

Step 2: Jack up your Cherokee and put it on jack stands.
Skip step 3and 4 if non clip
Step 3:Remove Differential cover to drain the fluid. Be sure to remove only the lower bolts first to drain the fluid easier and so it doesn’t get every where

Step 4: Remove pinion shaft bolt (8MM). Once this is done you can push both of the axles in, causing the C-clips to fall off the axles. Then pull both axles out.

Step 5: Remove all the drum hardware from the axle. Leaving only the 4 studs for the backing plate.

Step 6: Now you will need to take the ZJ backing plate and grind down the center to fit the axle. I used my dremel with a grinding stone and it worked just fine.
Step 7:Install ZJ backing plate

Step 8: Install parking brake assembly. Retaining clips then bottom spring/ adjuster then E-brake cable pivot then top spring

Step 9:Install axles. Install c-clips and pinion shaft bolt. Be sure to clean the differential with brake cleaner before reinstalling.
Step 10:Install Rotors

Step 11: Install Calipers. You will have to reroute the brake hard line to fit with the soft line.

Step 12: Install brake cables. I went ahead and bought new cables from Napa. Part numbers: 95969 and 95963. You can either use the stock cables form the mJ or ZJ but modifications will be needed.

Step 13: Install Proportioning valve

Step 14: Install differential cover
Step 15: Bleed brakes/ adjust brake cable.

You can also get with Big David and he can get you used parts for cheap https://www.cherokeeforum.com/f71/disc-brake-conversion-kit-159484/
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