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Renix 4.0 OEM Parts list

on Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:40 pm
Here is a list of must needed OEM parts list.

As we all know some parts require only the best

NGK 23553 Oxygen Sensor
Mopar 33004761 CPS
Champion RC9YC Spark plugs copper
Mopar 83503643 IAC
Mopar 33004650 TPS
Mopar 5142593AA Distributor Cap

These are the main parts in your jeep renix than need to be high quality so your jeep lasts and runs right.

A lot of off shelf store brand parts work great. However when it comes to electronics it seems the Renix jeep in finicky. Most of the time you will have to search for the best price for these parts. The plugs I put up you can get at the store, but the jeep runs best with these plus.
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