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Carbs on a 4.0

on Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:30 pm
They have after market carb setup for 4.0's


Also they have aftermarket HEI systems

HEI dissy system

The Renix 4.0 was the 1st fuel injected modern jeep. before was the carb 4.2L with a HEI system.
The renix has a ecu that controls the timing abd the fuel injection.

Many people over the years have wanted a clean mechanical 4.0 that just works free of sensor.
I think only if you can't find the cause of the problem that I would go this way. Maybe if I was using a 4.6L stoker I would see doing this. However now they have fuel injection throttle body carb systems. They don't do the timing, however you can use a HEI system. I have seen summit racing sell the HEI for the 4.2 which will fit the 4.0 for around 200 dollars.

Now a cheap way would to be make a adapter plate from your Renix intake to the carb or a fuel injection throttle body. The install a HEI dizzy. it would cost about a thousand dollars for the setup. The new fuel injection throttle bodies can work with your enix fuel pump, they are programmable and you can tune with a computer. You would have to install the o2 sensor and hook up to your tach on the HEI which is single wire system. Then all the sensors would be bye bye. only your temp sensor for gauge and oil pressure would be need.

Now in States like California, Illinois and New York you could not get these pass smog laws. Places like Texas where your 25 years or older vehicle you would run in to no problem. Just make sure your cat is on there, even if it is hollo.

Self tuning EFI

Holly self tuning kit
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