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Electric wire clean up, fix the idle issue.

on Sun Apr 08, 2018 6:34 pm
I have owned this jeep for a very long time. Since day one I had the idle problem shown below. Nothing ever worked to fix the issue.
Believe it, before I replace the tps with a mopar one it was even worse idle from 250 rpms up to 900 rpms

So when I had some time I redone all the wiring. I deleted the c101

that crappy French electric grease make bad connections after time.
Then I moved on to the 3 relays. look what I found.

I put new relay connectors in for the latch, fuel pump, and the o2 sensor heater. When I started the truck up again no more idle issues at all. Shows you that in can be electrical even if you think something else could be the issue
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